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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Canon Eos 450 D

One of the latest series Canon camera, Eos 450 D is also interested in Malang. This is because, these types of cameras have better features than the previous series of Eos, Eos Eos 350 and 400 D. Setiawan, owner of Five Stores Jaya Jalan Pasar Besar Malang, said the power lens Canon Eos 450 to 12 mega pixels. "With 12 megapixels, the resulting picture will certainly be more subtle," he said.

It's so, supported also by measuring 3 inch LCD. "For now, such a size (3 inches) the largest or maximum," he explained. LCD komposur varias held with more color tones. Bodinya tough and bigger than the series 350 and 400. Using the SD memory card. While the previous series, using the CF.

Also equipped with the latest timer 4 mode continuous self timer. For security lens, supported also supporting facilities. Namely sensor lens cleaning system. There is also a water flow control system, clean the lens from dust automatically. Canon EOS 450D already using DIGICIII engine to process the images.

"Image processor to reduce noise and improve color quality is better. The owner of this camera will definitely be satisfied with the speed of image capture ability he had. To speed shooting Canon EOS 450D is 3.5 FPS, "explained Setiawan.
Another feature with auto focus from the Quick AF, Live AF can be used to improve the contrast of the focused image that is similar to pocket camera features.


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