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Sunday, 25 July 2010

GE A1250 Digital Camera - Black

Looking for a dependable and feature-rich camera for all occasions? The GE A1250 will enlighten your thinking about compact cameras. Packed inside the compact body is an outstanding 12-megapixel sensor fronted with a 5X optical zoom lens for pictures with finest detail taken from afar to close-up. With the intelligent LCD and intuitive layout, reviewing and editing pictures becomes so easy. Unique features such as the Auto Scene Detection and Face Detection help deliver crisp photos at the perfect moment. This all-in-one 12-megapixel camera contains a host of advanced features making it the star of the class

During my review of the Olympus Stylus 7010, I found a beginner-level camera with one of the larger optical zoom lenses That you'll find in a sub-$ 200 camera. The Stylus 7010 Also Offers Some interesting features, what Olympus calls "magic filters," That Which Are art filters allow for Poor 'fish-eye effects, Among others.

However, the Stylus 7010 has A Few Awkward features, ESPECIALLY the navigational buttons on the back. The directional buttons are not raised, making it easy to have your finger slip and push the wrong button. Also it's possible to end up in an odd shooting mode menu Because of a tricky structure.

The Nikon D5000 digital SLR camera is a camera That generated a lot of buzz upon its release. After I had a chance to review the Nikon D5000, I Can understand the reason for the buzz.

The D5000 is one of the best entry-level DSLR Cameras I've had the chance to use. Much of the technology behind the D5000 is based on the Nikon D300, Which is a slightly older, much more expensive DSLR cameras. For that technology to have trickled down to the D5000 already is beneficial for beginning and intermediate photographers.

The best thing about the D5000 is it works well in fully manual mode, a fully auto mode, or anything in Between.


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